Marketing kit

We’re so happy you’ve joined us in making the world a happier (and crappier) place. Let’s let everyone know that you’re making an incredibly positive impact! We’ve pulled together a few things that you’re welcome to download and pop in your shop, office or social media.

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Click here A4 printable poster for your office or bathrooms 
The Stack-A-Tree Limited Edition 
Stack-A-Tree Edition, a box of 48 toilet paper rolls wrapped with cheerful ornaments and stacked to create an eco-friendly tree.       The Stack-A-Tree Edition rolls being stacked to resemble a holiday tree with ornament decorations and a star atop.       A stack of Stack A Tree Edition rolls on the beach with festive tropical birds on a beach somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere.
Who Gives A Crap Wholesale sales presenter (to share with your team)

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